We invite you to relax, revive and journey with us through our website, experience all our certified natural and organic skin care, become involved with our magazine, keep up to date with our eco tips, recipes and ideas by joining our newsletter If you are a newbie to the natural and organic world of skin care, start your journey here by checking out our FAQs.  It is our belief that it is possible to achieve optimal healthy skin by using synthetic free and natural preservatives wherever possible. To show you that we are committed to this fundamental belief, we have developed a range of skin care that uses plant derived essential oils and preservatives

Oils such as Myrrh, Orange and Sandalwood have stood the test of time for centuries with their time proven preservation qualities (particularly in the embalming process!). Used in our delicate recipes and on a daily basis, they will bring a new freshness, vibrancy and healthy glow to your skin as well as a clear conscience  when it comes to lessening your carbon footprint

Our commitment to you

It is our mission to lessen the toxic load on your body and on the environment we all share through our product and through education. We believe that nothing should go on your skin that can’t go in your mouth, so our products are literally good enough to eat! We have formulations fit for vegans, diabetics, and gluten intolerant people

Proudly made in New Zealand since 2005, we have globally and locally sourced the very finest ingredients nature has to offer for the benefit of your skin


We would like to share with you, our very exciting journey into the world of organics, natural medicines, skin care and holistic well being so that you will be able to see and feel for yourself the natural and organic world of difference our products will make to the texture of your skin

The benefits of natural plant extracts have been sourced and bottled for the ease of your use.  Our product range started with 100% organic lip-balms. We are now manufacturing a range of natural cosmetics and skin care for men and women

We can supply and manufacture custom quantity to suit your needs based on our certified natural and organic ingredients. Contact us to discuss your requirements



We are always striving to improve our products and increase our range.  Customer satisfaction is our number one key driver so we welcome your feedback, questions and comments.

Send us a message – We are happy to answer any query you may have on how natural and organic products can enhance your health and skin condition

Call Anthea if you have a question +64 (0) 21 110 6190